How to Care Your Shira Jewelry Pieces


We, at Shira Jewelry, are committed to creating a high-quality, vibrant line of jewelry. In producing our pieces, we use innovative and precise processes.

Our jewelry is produced in the United States combining sterling silver, heavy14K gold plating, heavyrhodium plating (rhodium is a rare, silver colored, non-tarnishing metal) and anodized aluminum.

In order to keep the pieces in beautiful shape and prolong their life, follow our recommendations:

Sterling Silver Jewelry

  •          Avoid exposing the jewelry to water to prevent oxidation of the copper which the silver metal contains.
  •          Avoid direct contact with detergents, perfumes, chlorine and the sea.
  •          Store the silver pieces in the Shira Jewelry pouch you received them in, or in a closed box separated from other jewelry. This will prevent oxidation of              the metal when it comes in contact with other materials.
  •          We recommend cleaning with materials designed for silver and a soft dry cloth.
  •          Another way is to use a polishing cloth for silver.


Gold-Plated Jewelry

  •          Avoid direct contact with detergents, water, salt, chlorine, perfume and the sea.
  •          Clean the jewelry occasionally with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch or damage the jewelry
  •          One of the reasons for jewelry tarnishing is perspiration. It is advisable to clean the jewelry after exposure to perspiration.
  •          Store your jewelry in a box separately from other jewelry. It is advisable to separate the gold plated items from silver jewelry because silver has the tendency to make other metals tarnish.



Rhodium-Plated Jewelry

  •          To keep your rhodium-plated jewelry looking beautiful, use cloths for polishing that were specially produced to work with silver or gold jewelry. 
  •          Avoid using detergents or abrasives.